Monday, September 28, 2009

Color Studies 04 - Final @&*$#!% color pass:

Well, for some reason I decided to make 6 more color studies. Lord only knows why, considering I probably could have and most likely will end up going with one of the earlier versions. Still, what's done is done, at least I've combined them into one numbered comparison chart, so hopefully it will be easy-ish to point out the more effective designs. Anyway, if there's anyone out there, a "go with number 3" or "they all suck" would be greatly appreciated...

Color Studies 03 - color themes:

Alright, I think I'm starting to get a feel for the lich's design elements. I've been able to identify a few key things: primary color areas, secondary color areas and accents. As of now, there are two accent colors, but one of them is analogous to the primary or secondary color, so it doesn't stand out too much. In other words, here's a massive dump of more color studies:

Color Studies 02 - second batch of cookies:

Cookies are delicious and so are color studies. Ok, that may be a bit of a stretch in the comparison department, but this is my blog and I set the rules here. That being said, here are some more delicious color studies. I'm not sure if I've actually made any progress here, but it's more to choose from, no doubt...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Color Studies 01 - first pass:

Well, I've successfully managed to avoid color until now. This is the moment of truth, the moment I usually put off until long after it would have been useful. I guess I'm glad to be proactive about this, but doing so makes my head swim with all the different color combos. Here is the first pass, but after looking at these, I already know there are going to be more. As always, comments/criticism welcome!

Model sheet part 5 - Mostly Done:

Well, I hate drawing the side view. After drawing the front and back view, you get these quaint little drawings that look just fine. Then, you go and try to draw the side view and suddenly all those little angles and curves that seemed so simple on the front and back view are replaced with proportional hell. It's like putting your drawing through a meat grinder and trying to reassemble it. Then again, I guess that's why it's one of the more important drawings. Either way, it's done, or done-ish anyway. I need to add in the objects (staff, bag and dagger) but those will come later, or sooner. Also, still need to get some color studies in this weekend. What's that interactive art critique? Pishh, you're only what, 10% of the grade at most...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Model sheet part 4 - time for bed:

Alright, final post of the morning? - It's time for bed. The front and back are now more or less done. I will return to work on the side tomorrow. Hopefully some color studies to follow...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Model sheet part 3 - Asymmetry:

Well, after much consideration and switching back and forth, I decided to go with the crown that curves inwards. Also, I kept looking at the design and thinking how incredibly symmetrical it is. The lich is normally quite a powerful character, so one could conceivably be mostly symmetrical due to their almost regal status. That being said, I decided to change the draping of his scarf to add to the asymmetrical appeal. It's a subtle change, but I think it helps the design. As of now, I'm working on the rear orthographic view, hopefully I will have that done by later, early this morning, rather...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Model sheet part 2 - battle of the hats:

Well, I think I'm about to call it a night here (thank goodness for 2:00 PM classes). Before I go off to dream land though, I wanted to post this and see if I can't get any feedback on the design of the crowns. I'm leaning to the one on the right, but I want to get other opinions. Do tell...


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Well, based on consensus of the class, I have decided to go with lich version 2.0. In as much, I have been working on the model sheet, an essential ingredient for the entrée of character design. I am currently experiencing a footwear battle in trying to establish a proper shoe. Unfortunately, my previous loose sketch subversivly avoided that little detail. Ideas are welcome, as well as any other thoughts:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Character Idea #3:

Alright, final post for this evening - er, morning. Oi, I have to get up in 6.5 hours. Well, this started out as some kind of wraith/necromancer thing, but turned into a lich again. Oh well, the tough part is going to be deciding which one to go with. I'm leaning towards the one on the left or the one in the middle. Comments/criticism welcome:

Monday, September 21, 2009

Character Idea #2.5:

Well, this isn't exactly a new character idea, but I was kinda hooked on the lich thing, so I decided to try my hand at a redesign of him. Personally, I like this version much more than the first, it just feels more alive (well, not literally) but more original and flowing. I'm currently leaning towards the lich on the far left, but I like the bottom half of the middle sketch better. Comments/criticism welcome:

Character Idea #2:

For the second character, I thought it would be fun to make a lich. I tried a few variations on this, but ended up with something similar to what I started with. After some consideration (and several hours of detailing a model sheet) I came to the realization that I wasn't very happy with the design. Either way, here's what I came up with:

Character Idea #1:

Alright, here's the first character design that I came up with a few weeks ago. Comments, criticism welcome:

By dictation of the class (and my compliance) this first project is going to be a combination of my first and third pitch. Basically, the project will focus heavily on the entire process of character creation:

1. I'll start with creating a detailed model sheet with a front, back, side, 3/4 view and head shots of the said character.

2. From there, I'll spend all my waking hours attempting to craft the most beautiful, detailed 3D model I have ever made in my entire life.

3. Finally, I'll concoct some illustrated portrait of the character in some environment/beauty shot.



It begins:

Well, it's been said that all things both good and bad must have a beginning. I'm not sure who said that, but I'm going to go ahead and agree with that statement. I like to consider the first post in a blog as a sort of 'christening.' This is the post that sets the stage for the rest of the adventure, be it good, bad, or mildly amusing to teenage girls. So, in the spirit of keeping things alive, I'm going to start fresh by saying a few things about my current project, Studio I.

Fortunately, most of my classmates either agreed with me or didn't complain when I said I wanted to do character design. Chances are, I'm probably aiming for the stars, but then again, I'm sure somebody out there said you should aim high.

Anyway, here is a summary of my initial 3 pitches to the class:

Pitch #1:

Create one highly detailed character model

Try for 2 character models, but scale back if necessary

- Model should correspond to industry standards and serve as something that could potentially land a job
- Model will be around 10,000 triangles
- normal map, spec map, spec color map, ambient map, glow map and diffuse maps.
- Normal map will be created using a hi-res version of the model in Zbrush

Pitch #2:

Create 4 hand-painted stylized character designs.

-Models will be stylized and targeted at specific companies:

- Hand-painted texture style
- Exaggerated proportions
- Low-poly < 5,000 triangles

Pitch #3:

Concept $ illustrated 3 characters

- Full models sheets for each character
- Fully illustrated portraits of the three characters in environments

More to come...