Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Well, based on consensus of the class, I have decided to go with lich version 2.0. In as much, I have been working on the model sheet, an essential ingredient for the entrée of character design. I am currently experiencing a footwear battle in trying to establish a proper shoe. Unfortunately, my previous loose sketch subversivly avoided that little detail. Ideas are welcome, as well as any other thoughts:


  1. Sweet! Looking good! Maybe I should start putting this much effort into my orthos. I think the neck is a wee bit long and the legs a bit short. Other than that, it's looking hawt!

  2. Hey Leng, thanks for the comment. I was also noticing that the neck was a bit long. I made a few adjustments, so it should be a bit better now. As for the legs though, I'm not entirely convinced they're too short. Maybe if I sleep on it for a while I'll come to my senses though - been staring at the damn thing too long now...