Monday, September 28, 2009

Color Studies 04 - Final @&*$#!% color pass:

Well, for some reason I decided to make 6 more color studies. Lord only knows why, considering I probably could have and most likely will end up going with one of the earlier versions. Still, what's done is done, at least I've combined them into one numbered comparison chart, so hopefully it will be easy-ish to point out the more effective designs. Anyway, if there's anyone out there, a "go with number 3" or "they all suck" would be greatly appreciated...


  1. Woah! You've been busy.
    I like several of them and I'll see if I can articulate why I like them:
    I like the color combination in 7.
    8 might be my favorite because it's dark but has a decent amount of color to it. I think maybe if the middle part of the tunic was more purple, like a darker 18 it would look dark and regal. I also just like the color purple...
    16 also jumps out at me, probably because it's the brightest, but there's something unexpected about a brightly colored lich king that I enjoy. Depends on the feel you're going for.
    11 also has merit.

  2. Go with something vibrant and unexpected. My vote goes to 14. I would definitely steer clear of the more reserved or traditional "royal looking" colors (dark reds, golds and deep blues). The more acidic colors are a selling point.