Monday, September 21, 2009

It begins:

Well, it's been said that all things both good and bad must have a beginning. I'm not sure who said that, but I'm going to go ahead and agree with that statement. I like to consider the first post in a blog as a sort of 'christening.' This is the post that sets the stage for the rest of the adventure, be it good, bad, or mildly amusing to teenage girls. So, in the spirit of keeping things alive, I'm going to start fresh by saying a few things about my current project, Studio I.

Fortunately, most of my classmates either agreed with me or didn't complain when I said I wanted to do character design. Chances are, I'm probably aiming for the stars, but then again, I'm sure somebody out there said you should aim high.

Anyway, here is a summary of my initial 3 pitches to the class:

Pitch #1:

Create one highly detailed character model

Try for 2 character models, but scale back if necessary

- Model should correspond to industry standards and serve as something that could potentially land a job
- Model will be around 10,000 triangles
- normal map, spec map, spec color map, ambient map, glow map and diffuse maps.
- Normal map will be created using a hi-res version of the model in Zbrush

Pitch #2:

Create 4 hand-painted stylized character designs.

-Models will be stylized and targeted at specific companies:

- Hand-painted texture style
- Exaggerated proportions
- Low-poly < 5,000 triangles

Pitch #3:

Concept $ illustrated 3 characters

- Full models sheets for each character
- Fully illustrated portraits of the three characters in environments

More to come...



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