Thursday, October 22, 2009

Major Status Update:

Alright, no assets to post at this point, just a general update on progress and a projection for the future. Although I have successfully avoided the blog this week, I haven't been idle in progress. After finishing 4 shrunken heads in Zbrush, I have been worknig on finishing the accessories for the Lich (Book bag, Dagger, Scabbard, Staff). As of now, I am 90% done with all zbrushing and will be retopologizing my assets for the rest of the week. I have finished retopologizing the dagger, the scabbard and the staff (these have also been unwrapped). I have decided to create a separate 1024 X 1024 texture space for the dagger, scabbard and the staff. Therefore, the end model will have a set of 4096 X 4096 for the lich and a set of 1024 X 1024 for the accessories. Renders and other thoughts coming soon!

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